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Racial Justice: The Time is Now
In 2014 and 2015 the United States and Minnesota have been regularly reminded of the great divide in experience between black people and white people. In the wake of Ferguson, Cleveland, Staten Island, and most recently Charleston, Minnneosta Council of Churches has decided to weave together some previously-existing programs and develop new ones attempting to bridge the gap between blacks and whites, and to move the body of Christ towards racial justice.

Black Clergy Speakers Bureau

Black Clergy volunteers are ready to speak to white congregations about the experience of being black in Minnesota as we all discern the way forward in the wake of the deaths of Jamar Clark and Philando Castile and other such tragedies.

Respectful Conversations on "Race" Relations

MCC's prove Respectful Conversations model released a Respectful Conversation on "Race" Relations at the Conflict Resolution Minnesota Conference in 2015. It is a tool for congregations and community groups to examine their own racial experiences and have empathy-building conversations about "race" relations.

Racism is Real Today

Racism is not a past concern, but a present reality in the United States. See what religious bodies' official statements and pastors' sermons have said about the Mother Emanuel AME shooting.

Education Disparities

Some Minnesota schools are in areas with high racial disparities. Congregations can build relationships with area schools as members volunteer for best-practices tutoring programs and build a relationship with students by submitting this interest form.

Remembering the Mother Emanuel 9

Every Wednesday for a year , at 7:00pm Central Time, when the Mother Emanuel AME shooting occurred in Charleston, a Minnesota congregation will host a prayer service of remembrance.

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