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Refugee Services

Tapestry weaves newcomers into community
Robb Murray, Mankato Free Press
“If I were living another country and couldn’t read the signs or buy groceries, I would hope that someone would help me,” said Hawker. More >>

Aldrich Presbyterian Church offers 'Knitting Collective' for refugees, immigrants
Rose French, Star Tribune
“The idea is to try to get to know these women and to just give them something fun to do,” said Judy Peterson, 70, one of the church members in the Knitting Collective at Aldrich Presbyterian Church. More >>

Group explores ideas of a welcoming community
Rob Murray, Mankato Free Press

[MCC] brought together community members of all stripes — leaders, students, immigrants — for an afternoon of conversations about community building that, organizers hope, can ultimately help this community. More >>

Community stakeholders form wish list for legislative session
Brian Ojanpa, Mankato Free Press

Mankato appears to be particularly attractive to “secondary migrating refugees” — those who came first to other areas in the nation before coming to the local community — and that group finds itself shut out of supportive funding programs. More >>

"Better Angels" Project

Minnesota Council of Churches director recruits faith leaders to join national prayer effort
Rose French, Star Tribune
Prominent Minnesota minister The Rev. Peg Chemberlin is leading an effort by a diverse array of national religious leaders, who are calling on Americans to pray for more civility in politics. More >>

Faith leaders want Americans to pray for collegiality
Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service
Through daily prayer, we are calling on the ‘better angels of our nature’ needed to sustain our nation and solve problems,” said the Rev. Peg Chemberlin. More >>

Respectful Conversations Project

Try 'Respectful Conversations' and be thankful for empathy
Gail Rosenblum, Star Tribune
So why not give this a try at the Thanksgiving table? What's better than a respectful conversation with the people who matter most to us? More >>

Churches try to bridge differences over Marriage Amendment through conversations
Kristoffer Tigue, TC Daily Planet
"Our culture is more divided than ever," said Darlington. "Division only causes more frustrations and problems and gridlock." Instead, he believes we need to focus on what we have in common and work from there, and that these conversations are the first step in that process. More >>

How do we break down our walls?
Lori Sturdevant, Star Tribune
"As a Christian community we've placed too much of an emphasis on a political solution as opposed to changing hearts in the culture." Changing hearts happens with a kinder, gentler, humbler approach. More >>

Amid marriage amendment debate, church group launches "Respectful Conversations Project"
Doug Beldon, Pioneer Press
"Ultimately, people can only be honest about where they come from. There's nothing that you can fight about. I think that's what forces the respect into the conversation," said Daniel Shoemake, who led one of the small groups at St. Clement's. More >>

Marriage Amendment -- respectful conversations
Peg Chamberlin, Star Tribune Commentaries
It is by engaging with those with whom we disagree that we may find surprising ways forward. Shouting, fist-shaking and name-calling neither build relationships nor create community. More >>

Taking Heart Program

Abu Huraira hosts interfaith Iftar meal at city hall
Naomi Krueger, Lillie News
"We spend too much time focusing on our differences ... these events go a long way to show that we do have common ground and we're a part of the larger community," said Jennifer Nelson. More >>

St. Anthony Residents Invited to Ramadan Meal
Tim Blotz, Fox9
"It is very important to us and I hope that tonight is the beginning of having an open dialogue with our neighbors, to get to know each other and see what we have in common," said Sadik Warfa. More >>

Rebuffed Muslims invite St. Anthony residents to meal
Rose French, Star Tribune
"We want to reach out to our neighbors of all faiths in the St. Anthony Village area. It's really meant to create a positive atmosphere and friendships with our neighbors." More >>

Taking Heart program brings non-Muslims and Muslims together for Ramadan Iftar meals
Sarah Peterson, Sun Focus
“Last year more than 350 guests attended an Iftar during Ramadan. We hope this year will be even bigger,” said Gail Anderson, director of the program. More >>

Rev. Peg Chemberlin - Star Tribune Blog

The Possibilities are Endless
So if you’re now of AARP age, or any age – know that the possibilities we still have are endless, we just have to imagine things in a new way. More >>

Today's Prayer
Give us courage that we may offer some kind of redemption to this moment as we pledge ourselves to reject the language of ‘enemy’ and look to each other to hold each other, each, as a valued child of God. More >>

A New Congressional Year; Let’s Talk
We all need to know which values we want lifted up and why and then let’s talk about our differences and see what compromises we can some up with. More >>

Wall Street bail outs, but not unemployment benefits?
I come from a faith that says, as many of them do, we have to share, so why are they refusing to do so now? More >>

A Beautiful Day to be Glad In
A truly beautiful day in a beautiful future will take all of us making daily decisions. More >>

Rev. Peg Chemberlin - Huffington Post Blog

Transparency in Financial Reform: Because God Doesn't Like Secrets
Requiring that extraction companies report what they pay to foreign governments is good for everyone.. More >>

A God's Children Cry Out for Immigration Reform Now
Our immigration system serves no one well: not those of us worried about our jobs and the future of our children, nor the businesses that need labor that complements our own skills, nor those who want a better life for themselves and for their children. More >>

Christians: "Run As Fast As You Can" From The Church Of Glenn Beck
IGlenn Beck's recent statement that people should "run as fast as you can" and leave any church that mentions "social or economic justice" is nothing short of a call for his listeners to disregard central tenets of their faith. More >>

How Do We Alleviate Poverty If We Can't Even Define It?
Current federal guidelines for measuring poverty have not been updated since the 1960s and are woefully inadequate in helping assess levels of poverty in America today. More >>










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Iftar Meal Breaks Barriers

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