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Thank You for Making This a Blessed Ramadan!

We want to let you know
how you made a difference to all of our neighbors.

It was a simple idea. Give people a way to show a sign of goodwill to their Muslim neighbors during Ramadan. It took off! And we could not have done it without you.

Thank you for:

  • Donating money to the project
  • Picking up your signs at the Church Center or orderiog them online for shipping.
  • Displaying the signs in your yard.
  • Distributing signs through your church, faith community, or organization.
  • Spreading the project through social media.

Here's what we did together:

  • More then 1,700 signs were distributed.
  • 500-plus additional signs -- beyond those printed through the Minnesota Councll of Churches -- were ordered from our printer.
  • Hundreds more signs were printed at other printers, due to the artwork being free to download.
  • Postings were seen on social media from New York to Rhode Island, from Washington D.C. to Washington state, as well as many from Minnesota, including a twitter posting from Senator Al Franken, holding up a Blessed Ramadan sign.

The Blessed Ramadan project received coverage from major and community newspapers, television and cable shows, and blog posts. The project was featured on tpt's "Almanac" and even covered by Voice of America Indonesia.

And our Muslim neighbors noticed. We received numerous emails from Muslims in Minnesota and beyond, hearing stories about notes received, encouraging words left by signs, and flowers delivered as a thank you.



We also received thank yous on social media, such as these messages:

These signs are up all over the city, many in front of Christian churches, like this one in my neighborhood that has a large Somali population. Have I mentioned how much I love this place?

I was walking around by myself in my future neighborhood in South Minneapolis and I was so struck by this sign in front of a church that I blurted out “There! That’s what a church should look like.” I’m so thankful for these signs and many others that I have seen in the city I love so much.

We even received this on our Facebook page:

From Egypt, thank you.

Thank you again for your continuing support of our joint mission to manifest our unity and build the common good, whether it was by displaying signs, distributing signs, donating to the project, or simply spreading the word. We look forward to continuing this project in the next year, and the years beyond.




Media Coverage

Huffington Post - May 20, "Interfaith Iftars Aim To Bring Communities Together This Ramadan"

KARE TV - June 5, "Churches launch Ramadan campaign"

FOX 9 TV - June 5, "Minnesotans using yard signs to fight Islamophobia"

St. Paul Pioneer Press - June 6, "'Blessed Ramadan' signs springing up in Minnesota"

Religion News Service - June 6, Minnesota churches wish Muslim neighbors a "blessed Ramadan'’

Times Union (Albany, NY) - June 7, "Ramadan signs from Council of Churches embrace Muslum neighbors"

The Arab American News - June 8, "U.S. churches distribute ‘Blessed Ramadan’ signs"

World Religion News - June 8, "Minnesota Christians Wish Muslims a 'Blessed Ramadan'"

Star Tribune - June 8, "Minnesota council offers ways to suport Muslim neighbors in Ramadan"

Sun Sailor - June 21, "Community reaches out to Muslim neighbors"

Voice of America - June 21 & 22, Siaran Pagi (Breakfast Show) in Indonesia, interview with MCC's Jerad Morey - "Warga Kristen di Minnesota Sampaikan Ucapan Selamat Ramadan"

Church Marketing Sucks (website for church marketing professionals) - June 22, "Orlando to Ramadan: The Communication of Outreach"

Upworthy - July 1, "How Christians are using their lawns to support their Muslim neighbors"

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