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Table Facilitators

You can help create a culture of respect in Minnesota by volunteering to become a table facilitator in the Respectful Conversations Project. Receive three hours of free training in skills that will help your community talk across differences while strengthening relationships.

Table facilitators are needed at conversations around the state. Conversations are highly structured and facilitated. Each three-hour conversation is led by a team that includes a lead facilitator and one table facilitator for every 6 or 7 participants.

Table facilitators ensure a respectful process by:

  • Providing table hospitality.
  • Reviewing agreements with participants for how conversations will be conducted.
  • Assisting the group to follow the prescribed format.
  • Remaining neutral in the conversation by not sharing their own opinions.

Regional training sessions are provided to prepare table facilitators to fulfill this role. Those trained may be asked to facilitate at several events (as schedules permit), but no prior commitment is required.

Interested? Contact Senior Program Manager Jerad Morey, 612-230-3211.
Participants at a Respectful Conversations gathering.
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